Senior Software Engineer – React Native – Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

Design, build and publish React Native Mobile Applications.
Conduct unit testing and troubleshooting.
Application integration with enterprise 3rd party services.
Collaborate with teams to integrate systems.
Build reusable codes and libraries for future use.
Develop and update technical documentation.

Qualification and Experience
3+ years of experience writing client-side React Native mobile application for both Android and iOS.
Experience with advanced JavaScript.
Experience in implementing responsive designs.
Strong UX and design sensibilities with attention to detail.
Familiarity with push notifications services.
Experience with offline storage, threading and memory management in Mobile Applications.
Good knowledge with Apple App Store distribution, Google play store and Test build distributions.
Sound knowledge in OOP.
Solid understanding of MVC/MVVM architectures.
Proficient understanding of XML, JSON and interacting with RESTful APIs.
Experience building and debugging complex systems in a team environment.
Work experience in GIT, Jira project management and bug tracking tool.
Experience working in an Agile environment.
Code consistency and readability.
Candidates with Flutter and Firefox OS app development experience would be preferred.

Skills and personal characteristics
Adhere to company vision, mission, culture, objectives, expected behaviour and human values in all aspects including decision making.
Excellent command in English language (writing and speaking).
Ability to work within deadlines individually and as a team.
Logical thinking and problem solving.
Ability to learn new technologies quickly.
Ability to understand the importance of customer service.
Innovative and forward thinking.
Attention to detail in all aspects of the development process.
Analytical skills.
Time management skills.

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