Data Entry Executive – Nibaya

We are looking for talented individuals to work on Data Entry Processing capable of following binstructions and completing tasks on time.

Skills & knowledge:
• School leavers are eligible as long as you meet the following criteria
• At least 2 years of experience with working with Computers
• Working knowledge of Windows, Google Drive/DropBox, Email
• Very good with Microsoft excel
• Formal training on Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Word will be helpful
• Good knowledge of file manipulations – copy, paste, rename
• Ability listen and read and understand instructions given in English

Work Ethics/Environment:
• Independent and quality conscious
• Good Problem Solving skills
• Willing to learn and share your knowledge with the team
• Good communication skills

Attractive remuneration package
Please provide details of tools and experience required to support “skills and knowledge7′ requirements.
Ensure that you include two non-related references along with their contact information.
Quote job reference: “Support Staff – IT Services” Send your CV/resume to
Nibaya (pvt) Ltd.
76, Kiribathgoda, Kelaniya, Sri Lanaka. Mobile: +94 77 253 2200
Nibaya Limited 5708, Dalton Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 1C5,