Executive Operation – MAS Active

Job summary:
Prepare, monitor and foliow-up on production orders & related activities to facilitate timely PSDs and deliveries thereby ensuring OTP (on time performance) whilst attending to day-to-day operationaI issues
Monitor the RM and accessories stability report on a weekly basis in order to ensure information availability and highlight possible issues that may occur at the plant whilst triggering necessary action
Liaise directly with the Business division and obtain short shipment approvals in a timely manner by providing accurate documentation in instances where 103% shipments have not taken place.
Arrange the pre-production meetings, ensure relevant documentation is available and identify/ solve issues that arise in the production process in a timely manner
Monitor the weekly stock write-off report by obtaining information from SAP controllingteam and arrange for necessary approvals for same by liaising with the relevant business divisions.
Ensure that the embellishment plan is followed as per stipulated timelines & ensure all relevant embellishments/ prints are received in-house thereby, meeting the production process requirements and timelines in an effective manner.
Perform required activities in order to control and maintain an accurate SAP system
Follow up embellishment summary report to get the accurate data on re-cut order quantities which have to be sent to the external embellishment plants and give the data to cutting department on time

Pre Requisites
• Degree/ Diploma in a relevant discipline
• 2-3 years of relevant work experience, including exposure to a Manufacturing Environment and Merchandising.
• Good Communication skills – Verbal and Written
• Good Analytical skills

Closing Date: Within 7 days of this advertisement Email to: masactivedcOmasholdinps.com
We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome all qualifying candidates to join our team of MAS professionals.