Damco – Maersk – Colombo

Logistics business
The positions gives a clear understand of the end-to-end logistics setup and insight into Damco global business plans.

Project Management
Insight and possible formal training in statistical tools for process management such as six sigma. Opportunity to develop skills to manage projects in a complex working environment.

Negotiation Skills
The position is expected to drive projects and will have the opportunity to strengthen negotiation skills.

Stakeholder Management
The position will actively engage in stakeholder management and develop strong stakeholder management competencies.

Be part of a winning team
Damco Sri Lanka will grow at a speed which has not been witnessed before. You will get a chance to be a part of that growth and everything else that comes along with it.

We offer
• Market intelligence
• Wide exposure with management teams
•Managing Ocean Key Customers and providing logistics solutions
• Opportunity to work with Shipper portal
• Be a part of a winning Team

Key responsibilities
Damco Sri Lanka is looking for candidates in the following roles –
Customer Service – SCM.FFW

We are looking for
** Graduates/Professional qualifications or related streams
** Strong communication skills and ability to manage stakeholders.
** Strong analytical skills and an ability to back arguments with facts.
** Strong negotiation skills.
** Team player & Personal drive and engagement.
** Integrity and ability to handle sensitive information.
** Green Belt / Black Belt Six Sigma & Lean Knowledge.
** Demonstrated Project Management Experience

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