Senior Software Engineers – Way Forward Energy (Pvt) Ltd

We are looking for energetic and passionate ^ Senior Software Engineers to join us
for a rewarding career.

Skills Required
– Experience of front-end technologies: Angular 2/4.HTML5. CSS3. Experience of back-end technologies: NodeJS, PHP. Experience of mobile responsive frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation. Thorough knowledge of databases: MongoDB, MySQL.
– Experience of Ionic framework/ React native.
– Experience in Linux environment and Git / SVN. Agile practices: Scrum and extreme Programming. Excellent analytical and communication skills.
Ideal candidates should be able to
– Present a portfolio of experience and completed projects that involve above technologies.
Work in both development and support functions in a team environment. Participate in technical discussions and release sessions with clients.
– Keep pace with, and introduce latest technologies to the team.

* Competitive packages are available for the competent candidates. If you see yourself suitable for the above position, please forward your resume to
Way Forward Energy Pvt. Ltd.
No: 100 Mirihana Road, Nugegoda , Sri Lanka +94-11-282-4338 |

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